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About Us

Visit The Marksman Indoor Range today for a fun-filled shooting experience. We are a small, family-owned shooting range and retail store. We’re located off 228th and Blondo in West Omaha/Elkhorn/Waterloo, Nebraska. We strive to make our range a fun, safe choice for you to participate in the shooting sports. 

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About Us

Serving Omaha metro, Waterloo, & the surrounding areas

With a family friendly atmosphere, The Marksman Indoor Range welcomes all shooting abilities. Not only is our indoor shooting range top notch, we also offer a variety of courses, Concealed Carry Classes, and a wide assortment of events. There’s always something going on.

Range Rules

  • All firearms are to be cased or holstered upon entry and will remain cased until firing line.
  • All shooters + spectators must check in with the front desk for lane assignment.
  • Government issued photo ID required for all adults using the range facilities.
  • All scheduled event use of the range shall take precedence over any individual or personal activity.
  • Range is to be used as posted or directed by the RSO on duty.
  • Targets must be purchased in store. Each shooter on the range must clean up their lane prior to leaving. Used targets are to be placed in the recycle bin.
  • No armor piercing, tracer or steel-core ammunition will be allowed. Only slugs allowed when shooting shotguns. 410.
  • All firearms must be cleared with actions open except when actively shooting.
  • Only firearms in good working order are allowed on the firing line (user is responsible).
  • All firearms are subject to inspection by staff.
  • Everyone is required to adhere to the written Range Safety Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Firearm does not leave your bench unless CASED or HOLSTERED.
  • All shooting must be done from the firing line.
  • all firearms are uncased and re-cased on stall bench, pointed down range.
  • No firearm is permitted out of the stall unless cased or holstered.
  • No person is allowed forward of the firing line at any time.
  • Only one shooter at a time allowed at the firing line. Coaching is allowed with permission of the staff.
  • Only persons who are actively shooting are allowed in the firing area.
  • No more than three persons permitted at each firing lane.
  • No prone shooting allowed.
  • All rounds are required to hit the bullet trap. No impact to the floor, ceiling, sideways, or equipment. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO BUILDING OR EQUIPMENT DUE TO ERRANT SHOTS.
  • All shooters and spectators must wear ear and eye protection prior to entering the range. Ear and eye protection is available for purchase or rent at the front desk.
  • No drawing from the holster.
  • Children must be supervised at ALL times while on the premises. Children under the age of 8 will not be allowed in the firing area.
  • No alcoholic beverages, drugs, or persons who have been consuming those items will be allowed on the range or on the premises. If we suspect that you may be under the influence of alcohol, you may be required to take a breathalyzer test.
  • No tobacco or vaping allowed in range.
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Shooting Range, Courses, Events

If you’re seeking to improve your shooting skills, gain valuable knowledge or connect with fellow enthusiasts, The Marksman Indoor Range offers a comprehensive range of services and experiences to meet your needs. Join us and discover a world of endless possibilities in the thrilling world of shooting.

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Our students have an above average pass rating due to exceptional and thorough training tactics.

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Learning how to shoot, and what to use should be a pleasant experience if you’re a novice or experienced gun owner, all are welcome.

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Meet The Marksman Range

The Marksman Indoor Range based in Waterloo serving Omaha Nebraska as a full service shooting range, providing a safe and comfortable environment for gun enthusiasts at all levels to sharpen their shooting skills in Omaha. 











Safety Courses & CCP Classes

We offer comprehensive safety courses designed to instill proper firearm handling practices and promote responsible gun ownership. Our certified instructors lead these courses, covering essential topics such as firearm safety rules, safe storage, handling techniques, and accident prevention.

If you are new to firearms or seeking a refresher, our safety courses will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to handle firearms responsibly.