man wearing concealed carry belt under jacket

Concealed carry belts are a good option for gun owners looking for a minimalist approach to safely transporting their weapon. No need for anything other than your holster and your regular jacket over the top, and you’re ready to go. While concealed carry belts are a fairly straightforward accessory, they do vary considerably in quality and functionality. Read our guide to help you know what to look for when choosing the right concealed carry belt. 

Why Do I Need a Concealed Carry Belt?

You may be wondering why you need a specialized belt to carry your weapon in the first place. Why, for example, can you not attach your holster to your favorite old leather belt and be done with it? There are two answers to this question: safety and discretion.

Concealed carry belts are designed specifically to withstand the added weight of a gun and holster. The core is reinforced with inserts made of steel, polymer, and other materials to add rigidity to the belt. A regular belt would begin to sag or even roll under the added weight. A loose belt means you run the risk of a) exposing your weapon and b) catching the holster on something, which is a safety issue for you and those around you. 

Best Concealed Carry Belt Features

The best concealed carry belts have a few key features in common:

Sturdy Construction: obviously, a high-quality concealed carry belt should be durable. The best ones are constructed from materials like leather or nylon. Look for belts with double-stitched seams and sturdy buckles to ensure they can withstand the weight of a firearm and holster without sagging or stretching.

Reinforced Core: as we mentioned above, concealed carry belts should have a reinforced core to prevent them from sagging or rolling under the weight of a gun. The bigger the gun, the more reinforcement you will need. 

Adjustable Sizing: since the fit of a concealed carry belt can vary depending on factors like clothing layers and holster type, choose a belt with adjustable sizing options. Look for belts with multiple sizing holes or a ratcheting mechanism to allow for precise adjustments to accommodate different carry configurations and your body type.

Compatibility with Holsters: ensure that the concealed carry belt is compatible with your preferred holster type and attachment method. Some belts feature reinforced areas or specific attachment points designed to securely accommodate holster clips or loops, providing optimal stability and retention.

Are Concealed Carry Belts Uncomfortable?

The honest answer is: they can be. They are inherently stiffer and meant to fit more snugly than the average belt, so they might take some getting used to. However, there is no reason you should feel overly uncomfortable in your concealed carry belt. Don’t wear a belt that is so tight and rigid you are constantly aware of it or that affects your posture. You don’t need to buy one that is any thicker than necessary to adequately support your weapon. In most cases, 1.5” is plenty, and some lighter weapons may need even less. 

And keep in mind that a proper gun belt will be infinitely more comfortable than having to constantly adjust a regular one that keeps sagging under the weight or causing you to catch on things. 

Concealed Carry Belt Cost

Concealed carry belts cost around the same as a regular belt, so cost shouldn’t be a deterrent when looking for one. That being said, you don’t want to “cheap out” on your belt. It needs to be leather or nylon and have proper steel or polymer reinforcements. These materials are not extremely expensive, but you’re generally not going to find a good concealed carry belt for less than $40. 

Styles of Concealed Carry Belts

So long as your belt ticks the boxes for support, safety, and proper fit, the style is entirely up to you. Here are a few of our favorite styles of concealed carry belt for men and women:


Braided leather concealed carry belts are a timeless choice that toes the line between casual and refined. They look just as good holding up a pair of worn in jeans as they do a pair of dress khakis. A burnished brass buckle is the perfect compliment to the intricate weaving. 

braided black leather concealed carry belt
This braided leather belt by Galco is made from saddle leather. $45.99

Tactical Concealed Carry Belts

Tactical belts are a great option for gun owners wanting a sleek, utilitarian design that also maintains a low profile. They are often made with reinforced webbing and are especially good for heavier weapons. 

tactical style gun belt in black with double buckle
Tac Shield’s tactical gun belt features a “cobra” style buckle with double release levers. $65.99

Smooth Leather

Concealed carry belts are also available in classic, smooth leather. We love this cognac-colored version by Galco. Havana leather is fully reinforced and accented with a polished silver buckle.

brown leaether belt with silver buckle
Dress belt by Galco, $89.99

Distressed Leather

Distressed leather concealed carry belts are another great choice. This one by Magpul is made from bison hide and reinforced further with bull hide. (Can you say “cowgirl”?) It is available in charcoal black or chocolate brown. It is exceptionally comfortable and stylish, with a streamlined metal buckle that lays perfectly flush against the body to reduce printing. 

distressed black leather concealed carry belt with crinkled appearance
El Cibolo distressed leather belt by Magpul, $113.95

Concealed Carry Classes Omaha

Now that you know how to choose the perfect concealed carry belt, make sure you sign up for one of our classes the the Marksman Indoor Range here in Omaha. Although the state of Nebraska no longer requires a concealed carry permit, a class with a certified instructor is still highly advisable. While we hope you will never need to draw your weapon in self defense, learning how to do so safely and accurately is an essential skill in responsible gun ownership. Visit our Courses page today to sign up for our next class! 

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