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A concealed carry class is designed to meet all state requirements for obtaining a permit to carry a handgun in their vehicle or on their person. In Nebraska, a permit is no longer required for concealed carry. It is still strongly recommended, however, that handgun owners take a concealed carry class in order to safely and responsibly possess a handgun in this capacity. 

Why Take a Nebraska Concealed Carry Class?

Again, a concealed carry class is specifically geared towards handguns that will not be in plain sight and are not intended for recreational use. Although it is no longer legally required in the state of Nebraska, it is still one of the wisest things you can do as a gun owner. Taking a course that focuses on the unique responsibilities of carrying a hidden weapon and its use in self defense ensures your safety and the safety of those around you.

Furthermore, completing a concealed carry class has added benefits. You will not be subjected to a point of sale background check if you can present a valid concealed carry permit, for example. Likewise, you may not have to worry about obtaining a permit if you intend to cross state lines where one is required.

What is Included in a Concealed Carry Class?

The Marksman concealed carry course is an approximately 7-hour, intensive class designed to address the special considerations that come with owning this type of handgun. We will focus on the following areas:

Legal and Ethical Issues

Even though the state no longer requires a concealed carry permit, local governments can set their own laws regarding this requirement. Likewise, certain venues in Nebraska universally prohibit a concealed carry weapon, regardless of permit. You will learn about these laws and regulations, as well as the unique ethical issues of carrying a weapon no one else can see and that is designed to be used in self defense. 

How to Choose and Holster a Firearm

Learning how to safely stow your handgun is critical for concealed carry. You cannot simply toss a loaded weapon into an open purse or into your back pocket. In your concealed carry class at the Marksman, we will first discuss how to choose the best concealed carry weapon for your needs; then, we will help you learn how to best transport that weapon, whether it is through a traditional holster or in a concealed carry purse. Comfort, accessibility, and safety are key when choosing a carrying method.

Handling and Shooting Your Weapon

Concealed carry handguns are not designed for recreational use. While it is essential to visit the range and practice your shooting technique, you also need to understand the scenarios under which you might be compelled to draw your weapon. Your concealed carry class will focus on engaging targets accurately, even in stressful situations. 

Situational Awareness and Conflict De-escalation

In your Marksman concealed carry class, you will be instructed on how to develop and refine your senses in potentially threatening situations. This can help you make informed decisions on whether or not to use your weapon. 

You will also be trained in how to de-escalate a situation or to avoid conflict entirely, eliminating the need for deadly force. Remember that Nebraska does not have a Stand Your Ground law, which means you have a responsibility to retreat whenever possible before turning to a weapon. Learning the skills to diffuse tense situations can help you adhere to your legal responsibilities as a Nebraska citizen while still prioritizing your safety. 

Who Should Not Take a Concealed Carry Class?

The Marksman concealed carry class is not designed for beginners. In order to participate, you must be proficient in using your weapon. This includes:

If you cannot meet these requirements, we recommend taking our Fundamentals Course. This will help you gain weapon proficiency and allow you to proceed safely to the Concealed Carry class. 

Take a Concealed Carry Class in Nebraska

To enroll in our next concealed carry class, visit our Courses to view upcoming available classes and register online. You will need to fill out an application prior to your visit, which can be found here. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to give us a call prior to selecting a class, especially if you are unsure which is right for you. 

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  1. It helped when you mentioned that concealed-carry handguns are not developed for recreational use. My friend wants to take concealed carry certification courses. I should advise her to go for it to learn about owning and operating a pistol safely.

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