If you own a gun for self-defense purposes, there are a few methods for toting your concealed carry weapon. Holsters are an option, at the shoulder, waist, or even ankle. For many women, however, concealed carry purses are the preferred way to transport their guns. Also called Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) handbags, they offer a way to discreetly carry a gun while incorporating the convenience and style of a purse. 

What is a Concealed Carry Purse?

You may be wondering what makes a concealed carry purse different from any other type of purse? The most important distinction is that a concealed carry purse has a separate compartment for your gun. Only your gun and its holster should go in this compartment. Never store any other items alongside your weapon, or attempt to transport a concealed carry gun in a regular purse. Keys, sunglasses, and other accessories in your bag can get caught in the trigger, potentially causing the gun to fire accidentally. 

Another feature of concealed carry bags is a separate holster. This is meant to be a “universal” holster that will accommodate several gun types. It is generally recommended, however, that you obtain a separate purse holster that is specifically designed for your gun model. Dedicated purse holsters will have velcro on one side, allowing you to adhere it to the velcro in the gun compartment of your concealed carry purse. 

Other Features of Concealed Carry Purses

A separate compartment and a purse holster are the only universal (and mandatory) features of a concealed carry purse; but there are plenty of other details a good CCW handbag might have. These include:

  • Locking zippers, which have a key to secure the zipper in place. This provides an added layer of security for your valuables.
  • Reinforced straps, which are lined with metal wire. This prevents your purse being stolen via the straps being cut. 

What Else to Look for in a CCW Handbag


A good concealed carry purse should be durable. Look for high quality materials, such as leather or high-end faux leather. Strong stitching and water-proof materials are also desirable for the longevity of both your purse and your weapon. 


Many concealed carry purses also have helpful features like magnetic closures, additional pockets, or metal feet to help the bag stand upright when not being carried. You don’t want to have to root around for your items every time you need them. Compartments and zippered pockets in a concealed carry purse can help you stay organized. 


The best concealed carry purses allow for right and left-handed use. Ideally, you will want to be able to easily access your weapon and other items in your purse, regardless of which side of the body you are carrying it on. 

Concealed carry clutch with camo pattern
<strong><em>How cute is this tomboy clutch by <em><strong><a href=httpsshopthemarksmanindoorrangecomshooting sportsgear accessoriespursesconcealed pursedetail9963b7de 62ce 41a6 827c a349a64786efe0c58aa5 61c6 4fe8 8d06 324f3f8c41e9><strong><em>Girls with Guns<em><strong><a><strong><em> The Allen purse is designed for right or left handed use and features a convenient cross body strap and a lockable concealed carry compartment<em><strong>


Just because your concealed carry purse is somewhat utilitarian does not mean it has to look it. There are plenty of stylish options available, both casual and formal. You will want to look for the style that suits your personal needs. For example, clutch-style concealed carry purses are a good option for formal occasions when you do not need to carry much else besides your weapon and a couple other small items.

Totes are a good choice for the office, since they can accommodate your concealed gun and, say, a laptop, tablet, keys, and other essentials. Many have additional dedicated pockets so you can keep your devices separate and scratch-free.

Black and brown concealed carry purse
<strong><em>We love this ultra stylish tote bag by <em><strong><a href=httpsshopthemarksmanindoorrangecomshooting sportsgear accessoriespursestote style pursedetailf6ebdd0b 250f 420f ab5f 85108fe30802531e8557 ea13 4d44 a5e1 159bdcaab256><strong><em>Bulldog Cases<em><strong><a><strong><em> Genuine leather and chain accents make this a truly chic option for your concealed carry purse <em><strong>

Another favorite option of ours is a concealed carry backpack. These are a nice option for when you need room for bulkier items, like a change of clothes. It can also be more convenient to be able to carry your bag with two straps.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of concealed carry purse styles. You can find cross-body options, satchels, hobo styles, and more to suit your particular needs.  

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