Nebraska Constitutional Carry

Nebraska Constitutional Carry Course | February 3rd

Date and Time:

February 3, 2024 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Events Location:

The Marksman Indoor Range, 2505 River Road Drive, Waterloo, Nebraska, 68069, United States

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About The Events

Nebraska Constitutional Carry Course February 3rd

Welcome to the Nebraska Constitutional Carry Course, designed specifically for Nebraska residents who are interested in understanding the implications of permit less carry. This comprehensive classroom course aims to equip participants with essential knowledge about relevant laws, use-of-force decision-making, and the next steps to take when considering permit less carry in the state of Nebraska.

Nebraska Constitutional Carry Course Overview:

1. Understanding Nebraska’s Laws:

  • Explore the legal framework surrounding permit less carry in Nebraska.
  • Gain insights into the state’s firearm regulations and how they apply to residents.
  • Learn about any specific restrictions or limitations related to constitutional carry.

2. Use-of-Force Decision Making:

  •  introduction to the principles of responsible gun ownership and the ethical use of firearms.
  • Discuss scenarios where the use of force may be justified and the legal implications involved.
  • Understand the concept of self-defense and how it applies to permit less carry situations.

3. Nebraska-Specific Considerations:

  • Explore the nuances of carrying a firearm in Nebraska, taking into account local factors and considerations.
  • Address any unique aspects of Nebraska’s legal landscape that pertain to permit less carry.
  • Discuss potential interactions with law enforcement and how to handle them responsibly.

4. Next Steps to Take for Nebraska Constitutional Carry:

  • Provide guidance on additional training opportunities for those seeking to enhance their skills.
  • Offer resources for staying updated on changes in Nebraska’s firearm laws.
  • Discuss responsible practices for carrying concealed weapons and staying informed about legal developments.

Important Notes:

  • This course is strictly classroom-based, with no live fire or practical training involved.
  • Participants are encouraged to engage in discussions, ask questions, and seek clarification on any topics covered.
  • The goal is to empower Nebraska residents with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding permit less carry.


This course is not a substitute for legal advice. Participants should consult with legal professionals for personalized guidance on their specific situations.

Enroll to better understand Nebraska’s permit less carry laws and foster a responsible and informed firearms community in the state.

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