Women’s Handgun Fundamentals November 15th

Event Date:

November 15, 2023

Event Time:

5:30 pm

Event Location:

The Marksman Indoor Range 2505 River Road Drive Waterloo Nebraska 68069 United States

Women's Handgun Fundamentals
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

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  • November 15, 2023 5:30 pm   -   7:30 pm
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Women’s Handgun Fundamentals November 15th

Master the Art of Handgun Handling

Take your firearm proficiency to a new level with our comprehensive Women’s Handgun Fundamentals course. Designed for women, by women, this course caters to all levels of experience, laying a solid foundation for precision, control, and self-defense.

Learn from Seasoned Women Firearms Instructors

Our team of experienced female firearms instructors bring a unique perspective. They have unique  understanding of the specific needs and concerns of women learning to handle firearms.

Prioritize Safety in a Supportive Training Environment

Safety is at the heart of the course. Our instructors emphasize safe firearm handling, responsible gun ownership, and range etiquette in a supportive, women-focused environment. You’ll feel secure as you build your skills, knowing that safety is our top priority.

Apply Theoretical Knowledge Through Practical Training In Women’s Handgun Fundamentals

The  course combines classroom instruction and practical range sessions for a dynamic learning experience. Apply your theoretical knowledge in real-time, refining your skills under the watchful eyes of our experienced female instructors.

Empower Yourself with Confidence and Expertise

Whether you’re interested in self-defense or recreational shooting, this course is tailored to meet your unique needs. By the end of the course, you’ll have gained the confidence, expertise, and responsible approach necessary to become a skilled and proficient handgun operator.

Join Us For Our Women’s Handgun Fundamentals

Embark on this empowering journey and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to become a confident and responsible handgun operator. Don’t miss this opportunity to unleash your full potential and take your handgun proficiency to new levels.

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