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Gun classes for women are designed to foster a sense of community, empowerment, and self-advocacy. A good women’s gun class addresses the unique concerns surrounding female gun ownership in a safe, supportive environment. Whether you are new to shooting or a vet, the Marksman’s female-only gun classes offer a wealth of benefits in and out of the range. 

Importance of Gun Classes for Women 

While mixed classes absolutely have their place, gun classes for women are incredibly important for several reasons:

More Relevant

Although it is not always the case, women are often physically different from men. For example, a female shooter may be lighter, have a lower center of gravity, and have a shorter draw than a man. A women’s only gun class takes these details into consideration while acknowledging that these are not constraints, merely things to adapt to. 

The Marksman’s gun classes for women also prioritize self-defense in a way that is meaningful to someone who may be smaller in stature than a potential aggressor. For example, hand-to-hand de-escalation tactics are simply not pragmatic for women when there is a significant imbalance in physical strength. Gun classes for women take such factors into account and help you understand when and why the use of deadly force may be necessary. 

Less Pressure

Although great strides have been made with regard to female equality, women are still underrepresented in industries utilizing firearms. Society, as a whole, still equates shooting a gun with being a man. A female shooter, and especially a very good female shooter, is something we only see in movies and as more of a caricature than a realistic portrayal.  

The societal and cultural expectations surrounding women and firearms means that many of us may feel intimidated or inadequate when shooting with men. This is another benefit of gun classes for women only. You will not be compared to anyone or have anything expected of you except to have fun learning and be safe. Without fear of judgment, you may also find yourself asking more questions than you would in a mixed class. 

Greater Support

Gun classes for women are, above all, supportive. Women’s gun training is empowering, not competitive or judgmental. You will be in an environment where success is shared, and setbacks commiserated. You will find no greater encouragement than among your fellow female shooters, with whom you may just develop a lifelong friendship. 

What Can You Expect in A Women’s Gun Class?

The Marksman Women’s Handgun Fundamentals Course is two hours long and begins with a thorough safety briefing. Our expert female instructors will guide you through safe firearm handling, range rules and etiquette, and the importance of responsible gun ownership. 

From there, you will receive a combination of theoretical and practical instruction. After learning the basics of handgun shooting in the classroom, you’ll be able to put your skills to the test on our range. Your instructors and our safety officers will be there every step of the way to ensure a safe and fun learning environment for you. 

What Should You Bring To Your Women’s Gun Class?

If you wish to practice shooting with a handgun you own, be sure to bring it to your class. You’ll also want a range bag with the following items:

If you don’t yet own a gun, you can choose one from our rental wall. This is actually a great way to decide which type of handgun you prefer–we have over 50 firearms and are more than happy to help you find a good fit. You get unlimited rentals for just $15 a visit, or $11 for 30 minutes. We also supply your targets and have safety gear available for rent should you forget yours.  

We recommend you wear comfortable, breathable clothing and sturdy shoes to keep your balance and a solid stance during practice. 

Women’s Gun Training In Omaha

At Marksman, we offer a full range of courses designed for all skill levels, including a fundamentals class specifically for women. We also have youth-focused classes for our young shooters (8 and above), and plenty of opportunity to test your skills in competition. Visit our events page to sign up for our next pinhead or IDPA shoot, or book your class on our Courses page. Hurry–seats fill up fast! 

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