Nebraska Concealed Carry: Do You Need a Permit?

*Starting in September 2023, individuals aged 21 and older who are not prohibited from owning a gun will no longer be required to obtain a Nebraska concealed carry permit. Background checks and safety training will also no longer be mandatory. Let’s take a closer look at what these new regulations mean for Nebraska gun owners.*
Ladies Only Concealed Carry Course

Why Is the Nebraska Concealed Carry Permit No Longer Required?

State senators fighting for the passage of the new gun laws in Nebraska predominantly referenced the 2nd amendment as motivation. Senator Julie Shama called the passing of the bill a “wonderful day for the 2nd amendment in Nebraska!” The Second Amendment underlines the American right to “keep and bear arms.” 

The bill is not without controversy, of course, as many argue that gun violence within the state might increase as a result. Those in favor of the bill argue that such violence is likely to be perpetrated by criminals, who are not permitted to legally purchase a firearm in the first place. 

Furthermore, the Nebraska concealed carry bill stipulates that anyone who commits a felony will lose their right to bear arms and will be prosecuted if they are found carrying one at any time. This means that even individuals who have never committed a crime before will lose their gun privileges if they do so in the future.

Can You Still Get a Permit in Nebraska?

Yes, a better way to put this is should you still get a permit in Nebraska for Concealed Carry. Yes, eligible gun owners who want to go through the permit process can still do so. It is optional, but it does have a couple of benefits:

Who Is Prohibited From Owning a Gun in Nebraska?

Again, Nebraska’s new concealed carry laws apply only to 21+ individuals who are not otherwise prohibited from owning and using a gun. But who, exactly, is “prohibited”? According to state law, those who meet one or more of the following criteria are not allowed to buy a gun in Nebraska:

Safety Training for Nebraska Concealed Carry Permit

The Marksman indoor gun range offers a variety of courses, including a specialized concealed carry class. This comprehensive course will teach you standards of gun safety and operation, as well as laws regarding the use and ownership of firearms. As a state approved class, our CC course can be used to fulfill the safety and training requirement of the permit application. 

Please note, the concealed carry class is not designed for beginners. Prior to completing the concealed carry course, we recommend you take our handgun fundamentals course. This is a two hour course designed to help you build proficiency with your weapon. Call or go online today to get started. See you at the range!

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