Annual Family Membership

Experience the ultimate shooting adventure with The Marksman Indoor Shooting Range’s Family Membership! Enjoy exclusive benefits, including 50% off lane fees, firearm rentals, and a 10% discount on retail items (excluding firearms and ammunition). With lane reservations, members-only T-shirts, and special sales, our Family Membership ensures unforgettable moments and savings for your entire family. Join now and bond over the thrill of shooting in a safe, state-of-the-art environment. Elevate your family’s shooting experience today at The Marksman Indoor Shooting Range!




Experience the thrill of shooting as a family with our exclusive Family Membership package. With all the same incredible benefits as our Single Membership, this package is tailored to offer you and your loved ones a year filled with exciting shooting experiences and valuable perks.

Benefits of the Family Membership include:

  1. 50% Off Lane Fees: Enjoy discounted lane fees for the entire family whenever you visit The Marksman. Spend quality time together while sharpening your shooting skills.
  2. 50% Off Firearm Rentals: Access a diverse range of firearms at half the cost, allowing each family member to explore their preferences and discover their shooting niche.
  3. 10% Off All Retail (Excludes Firearms and/or Ammunition): Enhance your family’s shooting gear and apparel collection with an exclusive 10% discount on all retail items.
  4. 10% Discount on All Classes: From beginners to seasoned shooters, our professional classes cater to all skill levels. With the Family Membership, every family member can benefit from a 10% discount on these enriching courses.
  5. Lane Reservations: Skip the wait and reserve your family’s shooting lanes in advance. Ensure you all have a seamless and enjoyable shooting experience each time you visit.
  6. Members-Only T-Shirts: Receive custom Members-Only T-Shirts for every family member, showcasing your shared passion for shooting in style.
  7. Members-Only Sales: Take advantage of exclusive members-only sales and promotions, allowing your family to save big on shooting equipment throughout the year.

Bond with your loved ones over a shared passion for shooting and create lasting memories at The Marksman Indoor Shooting Range. With our Family Membership, you’ll have access to top-notch facilities, expert guidance, and a welcoming community of fellow enthusiasts.

Embrace the joy of shooting together and elevate your family’s experience with The Marksman Family Membership. Secure your membership today and embark on a year filled with unforgettable moments and remarkable savings for the entire family!


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