Gloved hand attempting to steal a purse in a burglary

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when home invasions and burglaries tend to increase. Statistics have consistently shown a surge in burglaries during this time of year, making it crucial for homeowners to be proactive in protecting their properties. Here are a few tips to safeguard your home during the holidays. 

Why Do Robberies Increase During the Holidays?

Several factors contribute to the statistical increase in robberies during the holiday season:

  • Vacant Homes: With families often traveling to visit relatives or going on vacation, homes are left unattended for extended periods, presenting an opportunity for burglars.
  • Valuable Gifts: The presence of expensive gifts like electronics, jewelry, and other items purchased during the holidays makes homes more appealing targets.
  • Less Daylight Hours: As the days grow shorter, homes are shrouded in darkness for more extended periods, providing cover for potential intruders.

Steps to Prevent Home Invasions

Secure Your Home:

  • Upgrade Security Measures: Consider installing security cameras, smart locks, and alarms to deter burglars and alert you to any unauthorized entry. Apply an anti-shatter film to all of your windows. Burglars are looking to get in and out quickly, and the film makes this much more difficult.
  • Illuminate Your Property: Use exterior lighting to brighten dark areas around your home, reducing hiding spots for potential intruders. Motion sensing lights are especially effective, as it startles trespassers and alerts residents inside the house of outdoor movement.
  • Don’t Advertise Absence: Avoid posting travel plans on social media, as it can signal that your home is empty.
  • Keep valuables out of sight. Close curtains and blinds while you are out to hide electronics and other expensive objects hidden from prying eyes. 

Neighborhood Watch and Communication:

  • Stay Connected: Maintain communication with neighbors and consider joining or forming a neighborhood watch group to look out for each other’s properties.
  • Notify Trusted Individuals: Inform trustworthy neighbors or friends about your absence and ask them to keep an eye on your home.

Practice Using Your Self-Defense Firearm:

If you own a weapon as a way to defend your home, you should practice with it regularly. Ongoing training is important for any gun owner, but especially those who intend to be able to use one for self-defense. Regular practice has many benefits that will help you make the most of your weapon, both recreationally and in threatening situations:

  • Familiarity and Comfort: practice sessions instill confidence and familiarity with your firearm, reducing panic and increasing effectiveness in high-stress situations.
  • Accuracy and Precision: regular training improves accuracy, crucial for ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones in a potential home invasion scenario.
  • Safety and Responsibility: proper training emphasizes firearm safety protocols, reducing the risk of tragic accidents.

How to Practice Your Shooting

Ideally, your firearms training should include a combination of regular target practice and competition. While target practice helps you improve your form and accuracy, competitions add a level of pressure and speed that will be invaluable should you need to draw your self-defense weapon. 

Two types of competitions that are fun and effective for practicing your shooting are bowling pin shoots and IDPA contests:

Bowling Pin Shooting

In this type of competition, you attempt to knock five bowling pins in formation on a table in front of you as quickly as possible. Bowling pin shoots are low pressure; but, as with any competition, there is still an element of stress involved. After all, you want to win, don’t you? 

IDPA Competitions

The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) was established in Texas by gun owners who felt general competitions were irrelevant to “real life” self-defense situations. As such, they designed competitions to train gun owners in high pressure scenarios where they may need to use their weapon. These events involve dynamic targets and the chance to practice firing your weapon from various angles and vantage points. It is high pressure, which is meant to simulate the stress any individual would feel if they were threatened. 

In order to participate in an IDPA event, you need to become a member. The annual membership is only $50 and well worth the investment for the invaluable skills you can acquire. 

Indoor Shooting Range Omaha

At The Marksman Indoor Range, we hope you never have to draw your weapon in self-defense. However, should the need arise, we want you to have practiced your shooting for safety, speed, and accuracy. We offer a wide range of courses at our range for shooters of all skill levels, and our expert instructors will tailor your visit to suit your goals. We also host monthly competitions to help you hone your skills in a fun-filled atmosphere. Visit our events page to see what is coming up next. Hurry-spots fill up quickly!