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Tips to Increase Your Accuracy at the Range

Achieving accuracy at the shooting range is a skill that requires a combination of focus, technique, and consistent practice. Whether you are a seasoned marksman or a beginner looking to enhance your shooting abilities, there are several key factors to consider when shooting for accuracy (which is really what we should always be doing). 

Best Ways to Improve Shooting Accuracy

1. Proper Stance

Begin with a solid foundation by adopting the correct shooting stance. A proper stance provides stability and control. There are three basic stances shooters may adopt, depending on which offers the greatest balance and comfort:

Isosceles Stance

The Isosceles Stance was once the go-to for most beginner shooters. Feet are placed flat on the ground shoulder width apart, squaring up with the target. The shooter then leans forward slightly at the waist and bends at the knees. Once the arms are extended to aim the weapon, the body shape forms the outline of an isosceles triangle. The position is generally considered the most natural stance when looking to improve shooting accuracy. However, it focuses more on side to side stability, sacrificing some of your rear-to-front balance.   

Weaver Stance

The Weaver Stance has since replaced the Isosceles Stance as the default for instructors teaching new shooters. It not only improves shooting accuracy, but it offers greater recoil stability thanks to the pull-push style grip.The shooter adopts a boxing stance, placing the dominant leg behind them at a 45 degree angle. He or she then extends the firing arm out straight while the supporting arm cradles the weapon with the elbow slightly bent.

Fighting Stance

Also called “boxer” or “tactical” stance, the Fighting Stance incorporates elements of both the Isosceles and Weaver stances. Like Isosceles, the shooter is square with the target, leans forward at the waist, and flexes the knees; both arms are held straight out. Like Weaver, the shooter places the firing side leg slightly behind the other one (a more subtle boxer stance).  

2. Proper Grip When Shooting for Accuracy

Gripping your weapon comfortably yet firmly is critical in improving your shooting accuracy. You want to hold the gun tightly enough to control the recoil, but not so tightly your hand cramps or loses circulation. How you grip the gun will depend on the type of weapon you have and the stance you are using. Your instructor will help perfect your grip, which you can also practice at home.

3. Breath Control and Shooting Accuracy

Control your breathing to minimize movement and maintain stability. Your instructor will teach you how to fire your weapon in the middle of your natural respiratory cycle: take a deep breath, exhale halfway, and pause momentarily to take the shot.

4. Trigger Control

Smooth and controlled trigger pulls are crucial for accuracy. Practice a gradual squeeze, avoiding any sudden jerks that may disrupt your aim. Familiarize yourself with the trigger reset, allowing for quicker follow-up shots.

5. Dry Fire Practice

In most cases, you can safely engage in regular dry fire practice to refine your technique without live ammunition. This allows you to focus on the fundamentals of your shooting mechanics. Keep in mind that dry firing may damage certain types of weapons, especially older models. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions or ask a range officer if it is safe to dry fire your particular weapon.

6. Maintain Your Firearm When Shooting for Accuracy

When shooting for accuracy, you should always start with a clean weapon. Use a proper cleaning kit and gun mat to regularly maintain your gun. You will avoid malfunctions and improve overall accuracy with a gun that is well cared for. 

7. Regular Range Time

One of the best ways you can improve your shooting accuracy is practice. Try to visit your local range at least once a month and be sure to test your skills with regular competitions. Competitions are crucial in testing not only your accuracy but also your speed and strategy under pressure. Make sure that you are practicing with a variety of targets and distances as well.

Shooting Instructor Omaha

Whether you are brand new to shooting or a seasoned enthusiast, there is always room for improvement. Professional training can provide valuable insights and personalized feedback. At The Marksman Indoor Range, we offer a variety of courses suited to all levels. From our Handgun Fundamentals to building your own AR, we are here to help you make the most of your shooting experience. We also host regular bowling pin shoots and IDPA competitions. Visit our Courses and Events pages to sign up today! 

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